Those who claim that Burnham’s PNC government was racist are liars

Taxpayers reimbursed Kwame McCoy $700,000 for the wild and unforgettable wake he hosted for his grandmother’s death

Guyana’s PPP/C party is sustained by Drug Money; PPPC Ministers intricately involved

Favoritism! Racism! Injustice! Clement Rohee and the PPPC promote a racially divided justice system in Guyana

Those who claim that Burnham’s PNC government was racist are liars

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By Keith Williams

Everyone would agree that the PNC Government made many errors. That has never been a point in issue, and we can examine and deliberate on those errors. However, to claim that the policies of the PNC were racist, and then are unable to tangibly demonstrate this, is no different than the right wing in America shouting reverse racism in order to silence exposition of active racism against black people. 

There are no logical and balanced examinations of Burnham’s policies in comparison to what obtained under the PPP in the early 60s and 1992 onward. I fully endorse Karen’s comment that, “..Many Africans take pride in some unrealistic principles of fairness & democracy which requires them to unequivocally denigrate Burnham & agree to the lies of Indian victimization during his presidency. Some sort of perverse self flagellation for stated or perceived sins of an African leader…….”. It becomes a kind of deja vu symbiosis with the outpourings of the Herman Caine’s and others who find commonality with the outrageous postulations that emanate from the Tea Party and other Right Wing racist organizations in the US, that argue that Barak Obama is a Nazi, while draping themselves in the ideology and anti black antipathy that defined that description. 

If Burnham’s policies across the board were were racist in its effect and impact on the lives of Indian Guyanese, why has the PPP not reversed his national recognition of the religious and cultural festivals of that group. Why have they not reversed MMA, the giving of legal recognition to marriage ceremonies performed by Pandits and Imans, the Enmore Martyrs Monument, the Demerara Harbor Bridge etc. They revel and enjoy to the ultimate benefit policies enacted by a President that favors the constituents of his political opponent, while attempting to displace and project their racist traits upon him. 

We always seem to exude pleasure over the writings of some who paint Burnham, the PNC and Africans as the devil by implication in their so called “new found” objective examination of the Politics of the nation without taking cognizance of such implications. It demonstrates how dangerous the playing field has become for African Guyanese, when those from our midst who lay claim to seeking change based on equal opportunity and access, agree to a condition that Africans are the guilty party, and by extension rationalizes all of the venal and horrible actions that has come from the PPP during both of its power eras. 

Willie Lynch is reported to have said that the circle of racial stratification that permanently imbeds African inferiority into the society will be manifested by Africans acceptance of this status, and them exhibiting repugnance and disregard for themselves that matches what obtains in the majority white population. No where has this become more of self fulfilling reality than in Guyana. 

In an era where African Activists have been assassinated and there is clear cut evidence linking that assassination with the ruling party, where the same relationship obtains in the kidnapping and lynching of hundreds of young black men, where there are two distinct approaches to the occupational areas of the Sugar Industry and the Bauxite Industry, the treatment of black citizens at the hands of Law Enforcement, and a slew of other clearly exhibited actions and policies that are blatantly racist in every aspect of their manifestations, we compliment someone for implying that such actions were rational, because after all, Africans are the devils, and Indians are the angels. I tell you folks, to paraphrase Winston Churchill in his extolling of the Royal Airforce in the Battle for Britain, albeit presenting an opposite image of the subject matters, “never before in human history has a society of Africans been more ill-served by those who ostensibly represent them, speak on their behalf and the rest of the nation, and adorn themselves with the halo of “new thinkers”, “a new kind of young leadership”.

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Taxpayers reimbursed Kwame McCoy $700,000 for the wild and unforgettable wake he hosted for his grandmother’s death

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Georgetown, Guyana –  April 4, 2014: Sources close to Presidential Advisor Kwame McCoy revealed that he has been boasting to his friends that he was reimbursed $700,000 GY for expenses associated with the wake he hosted for his grandmother’s passing.

Independent investigations by BrutalFactsGy confirmed that indeed the accounting office in OP was instructed to make the reimbursement.  Although we sympathize with McCoy over the death of his grandmother, this revelation begs the question why the people of Guyana were forced to pay for this personal and extravagant event which included dozens of McCoy’s personal friends who were guzzling bottles of Johnny Walker Black whisky like water.

Sources present reported that McCoy’s grandmother’s wake was an event even she would have rejected.  Eyewitnesses reported an event which included a wide assortment of every food imaginable, dozens of bottles of expensive foreign whisky and loud music and vulgar dancing.  The event could only be described as drunken debauchery.

Clearly, it is McCoy’s choice to say farewell to his grandmother in any way he wishes, but the people of Guyana should not have to fund his wild indulgences; while the Ministry of Education refuses to fund toilet paper in school bathrooms; while the PPPC government refuses to fund more beds and proper facilities for Georgetown Hospital; while the armed forces remain underpaid and under-trained; while citizens are unsure of the safety of the water running out of their taps, and suffer inconsistent electricity service, largely unavailable due to the PPPC government’s unwillingness to allocate more funds for fuel; while women and girls and boys continue to fall victim to rape and molestation and have no access to proper counselling, safe-houses, and legal protections; while young people feel so trapped and hopeless that the rate of suicides, even in historical PPPC territory, is sadly increasing, while the PPPC observes, without an investment in the requisite counselling and social services necessary to reach these young people before they succumb to depression and hopelessness.

Guyanese must think seriously about the implications of this $3,500 USD reimbursement.  There is simply no justification for this expenditure for an employee who today, is paid more than 97% of the citizens of Guyana.  That McCoy is a disgusting and questionable character is not relevant to the fact that taxpayers should not be forced to fund his wild, sexual excursions; even if in the name of his wonderful grandmother.

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Guyana’s PPP/C party is sustained by Drug Money; PPPC Ministers intricately involved

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It is a well-documented fact that high ranking members of the PPP/C are corrupt and connected to a network of Guyana’s drug Barons.  An ongoing investigation into this dark underworld has revealed just how connected and complicated a network the PPPC has been forced to maintain in order to keep the country’s bills paid, to keep the corrupt and greedy ministers satiated and to maintain their stranglehold on power.  Even if the APNU wins, again, they will once again not be able to take power because the PPPC and their drug baron enforcers are dead set on maintaining power.  Guyana is a failed state.

The vast majority of Guyanese know the truth.  The people are not deluded by the appearance of progress in the form of drug-funded multicolored, multi-storied, concrete monstrosities popping up all around Guyana.  They also know that Ministers who earn $4000 – $6000 USD per month simply cannot afford to purchase and maintain several mansions, gold mining operations, vast real estate holdings, multiple US overseas trips each year and the extravagant lifestyles displayed in vulgar fashion to a Guyanese citizenry largely struggling to make a  living each day.

The PPP/C and their Cabal are the most loathsome and dangerous group to hold power in the Caribbean.  The cabal is led by a Guyanese billionaire named “Salem”.  This notorious character is a vicious drug kingpin, more wealthy and influential than Roger Khan and he is the enforcer for the PPPC who kills anyone who is identified as threatening to the status quo.

The recent cocaine bust in Africa is directly linked to Salem as the Shipper, and he is currently in hiding from the long arm of the US drug taskforce and law enforcement.  Insiders report that Salem shuffles more than 1000 kilos of cocaine monthly from Colombia to Guyana.  Cocaine which enters Guyana’s porous borders and weakly guarded airspace. At a cost of $4000 USD per kilo and selling price of $40,000 USD / kilo, Salem has been able to pay bribes to participants in all levels of Guyana’s various Ministries including the armed forces.  Many of the nouveau riche depend on his largess to thrive.  All are consumed, all are controlled, all are compromised.  Indeed Guyana is a failed state.

With his cocaine proceeds, Salem has diversified into mining and has acquired three dredges at a cost of 3 million US each. These dredges dig for gold in the rivers of Guyana’s hinterland from water mining blocks that were sold by the ( Guyana Geology and Mines Commission GGMC for below market value.

In exchange, Salem allegedly pays to the coffers of the PPP/C some GY 100 million dollars per Month in kickbacks.  Various Ministers allegedly benefit from these kickbacks thus the multiple homes, cars and extravagant lifestyles.

Thinking citizens know the truth and have long figured it out for themselves. They know that these Ministers can’t even run basic administrations effectively, yet many claim to own successful businesses which help to maintain their lifestyles.  The people are not fooled.

The proceeds allegedly received by the PPPC also helps to promote the party and its race hate and propaganda.  The relationship with Salem is a mutually beneficial one and thus he operates with impunity in exchange, he ensures that the PPPC remains in power.

Salem has also acquired all of Roger Khan’s Prime real Estate including his home. Salem was most recently fingered in the murders of Ricardo Rodriques and who were gunned down at the GMRC in Queenstown.  Salem was never questioned since the Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is also on his payroll.  Rohee even granted him a security license at a cost of 10 million dollars

Finance Minister Ashni Singh is also alleged to be directly connected to Salem and has funneled millions of dollars to Salem for the purchase of Columbian drugs.  Most recently there is some question as to whether the 8 million US dollars given as a grant by the Chinese in August 2013 was funneled to Salem to be invested in the drug operation.  Guyana is a failed state.  “.. all are consumed”

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Favoritism! Racism! Injustice! Clement Rohee and the PPPC promote a racially divided justice system in Guyana

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Georgetown, Guyana: January 28, 2012 — Embattled, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee instructed Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell to replace all ranks at the Number 51 Village Police Station, after Berbice residents of #47, and #48 Corentyne villages who are mostly Indian supporters of the PPPC, on Sunday staged a major protest, alleging police were colluding with criminals and preying upon their residents.

Irate residents threw bottles, blocked roads for hours causing a traffic backup for miles, threw a fire bomb at a police car, threatened to attack police ranks and announced their intention to expand vigilante groups formed to apprehend and exact ‘street justice’ on those alleged to be guilty of crimes against their villages. An intention followed up today by their call for guns for vigilante group members.

One would have to be blind not to contrast Rohee’s speedy response in the #48 violent demonstration with his response to Colwyn Harding allegations of a vicious beating and sodomy and the vicious kicking of Tiffany Edwards; at the hands of the mentally unstable, Police Constable Singh; resulting in miscarriage and hemorrhaging, untreated and ignored for days by police ranks. The racist Rohee referred to the Colwyn Harding case as ‘political theater’ and accepted the lies told by unethical Georgetown Public Hospital doctors and police officers that no such incident took place. Tiffany Edwards’ allegations of police brutality were not even investigated.

In addition, while residents of Numbers 48 and 49 villages on the Corentyne are contending that the police failed to respond to criminal activities against their villages and alleging that some ranks are involved in the daily spate of robberies; African citizens whose communities are continually targeted for police raids and unwarranted abuses resulting in an endless string of shootings, killings and horrendous abuses by Guyana Police, contented that police fail to properly investigate the ‘murder for hire’ ranks who are routinely unleashed upon the African community, often to settle scores for Guyanese ‘Business men’ involved in nefarious activities.

The unprofessional and unintelligent Rohee goes further by stating that the opposition is blaming the police for Colwyn Harding’s injury without waiting for the result of an investigation while the embattled Minister had no trouble ordering the transfer; with immediate effect, of all the Policemen at #51 village without an investigation of the allegations made against them. This move blatantly smacks of racism and favoritism!

BrutalFactsGT also wishes to point out that while African residents in Linden were involved in similar protest action as #48 residents, there were no attempts to burn police cars, threaten police ranks or create vigilante groups and yet Alan Wade, Selwyn Boyer and Ron Sommerset, wound up murdered by Guyana Police ranks while African protesters were called ‘hooligans’ and police were instructed to use maximum force to get the situation under control. No government Minister showed up to discuss the grievances of the protesters.

To date, the #48 protesters are not referred to as ‘hooligans’, no one was arrested for multiple attempts to set a police car on fire and no one was murdered. In fact, Rohee specifically instructed police to be patient with protesters and not to escalate the issue. Again, inconsistent! Favoritism! Racism!

BrutalFactsGT wants to make clear, that while we support the right of every citizen or group of citizens to stand up for justice. We in no way endorse attacks on police officers, no matter how corrupt, neither do we support the formation or arming of vigilante groups to exact street justice on perceived enemies.

The Guyana Police Force must be reformed under the direction of a nonpartisan group. Clement Rohee has failed miserably as Minister of Home Affairs and must resign immediately. Guyanese of all races must recognize their common cause and come together, shut down the country and engage in a massive peaceful protest to ensure that President Ramotar takes seriously the call for an end to police abuses against all Guyanese citizens.


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PPP Terrorising of Guyana: The PPP’s History Of Violence and Murder in Guyana

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1.The PPP/C has been trying to present itself as a peaceful non-violent
organisation, but its history has been one of extreme violence against
the Guyanese people.

2.We set out for the information of the younger people, and as a reminder
to more senior citizens, some of the consequences of the terror the
PPP unleashed on the Guyanese people over the years.

3.In the course of its bloody history, the PPP has

indulged in multiple murders.
instigated countrywide, racial violence.
organised campaigns of arson.
committed acts of sabotage, including the burning of thousands of acres of cane fields and rice fields and deliberate damage to sugar factories, in order to harm the economy.

4.The following table is a sample of  the violence organised by the PPP between
April and July 1963 and February-July 1964 as part of GAWU’s political strikes
it had organised.

Murders, etc Committed by the PPP
Murders Committed 11 126
Civilian Casualties 651  928
Policemen Injured     28     7
Houses Destroyed or Damaged by Arson 40  1,485
Buildings Dynamited or Bombed 46  74

5.We now set out some grisly details.  Looking at 1964 alone, we note the following atrocities committed by the PPP:

April 3  Shooting of PETER TAYLOR, Editor of the then Evening Post,
by well-known PPP gunman, “DOUGLA ALFRED”, in an attempted assassination bid.

May Murder of MR. PORTER – chopped to death in Buxton.

June 12  Murder of Senior Civil Servant, MR. ABRAHAM, his wife and 
seven children – burnt to death in their Hadfield Street home.

June 15   Murder of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE SEALEY – shot to death
at their farm at Buxton;

June…   Murder of 9 year-old KENNETH WILKINSON – while tending his parents’ sheep in Buxton backlands;

June 28  Murder of ALLAN GRIFFITH – shot to death at Mahaicony;

July 01  Murder of EMILE BROWNE – shot to death at Strathaven;

Mutilation of Station Master ULRIC WALLERSON – chopped
savagely about hands, face and other parts of the body –
at Windsor Forest Railway Station;

July 02  Mass Murder of *REGINALD BLAKE, *BERYL WESLIE, 
*BURCHELL THOMPSON – shot to death in the
Mahaicony Creek;

July 03    Mass Murder of *LEONARD CUMMINGS, *ALPHONSO DAVID, 
and *EDGAR ABRAMS – shot to death in Buxton backlands;

July 06 Mass Murder:  as a result of the bombing of the launch

Son Chapman”.  Forty (40) perished including babes

in arms, small children and pregnant women:-

Roll call of the dead:













MARTIN SAM; WILLIAM BLAIR, a woman huckster 

and 4 children.

July 09   Mass Murder at Mahaicony:  *SYDNEY HALLEY*GEORGE HALLY, 

*NEIL BASCOM, and *ROYSTON BOURNE – shot to death at

Strath Campbell, Mahaicony.

July 14    Murder of FRANK PERRY bludgeoned to death at Enmore

This was particularly brutal a murder. Perry was scalped, his tongue

cut out and his body was mutilated.

July 21  Murder of CECIL ADAMS – shot to death at Beterverwagting.

July 22 Mass Murder at Mahaicony:  *IVAN CHUNG, *CYRIL ROBERTSON, 

*ERNEST D’AGUIAR, *ALICE D’AGUIAR - shot to death in the

Mahaicony River.

Murder of MOTHER POLLARD – chopped to death at Enmore.

July    Murder of MR.WILKINSON at Lusignan.  A particularly brutal killing.

Wilkinson was chopped to death, his body mutilated and penis cut 

off and placed into his mouth.

August 21 Murder of *CAMBRIDGE, *CARTO, *WALTERS 

shot to death at Burma.


– shot to death in the Abary River.

6. (a)

(i) The PPP has committed atrocities throughout its history –  when it

was first in office, when it was in Opposition and now when it is in office

once again.

(ii)    A principal character in coordination and execution of PPPcriminal

acts of violence and banditry was its notorious gunman, “Dougla Alfred”,

well-known assassin and bodyguard to top PPP leaders.   Alfred, even today,

organises and carries out criminal activities on behalf of the PPP.  He was

recently charged with a bank robbery and the murder of a policeman.

(b)        During its period in Opposition after 1964, PPP continued its violent

murderous ways, particularly against persons who dared to leave the Party.

The PPP had many of these comrades killed or beaten and their homes


(i) Between February and July, 1964, for example, the PPP also organised

the burning of 2,000 acres of cane valued in today’s terms at G$600 million!

(ii) It also burnt and destroyed hundreds of acres of rice fields.

(iii)  Let us also recall the PPP all-night machine gun siege of Perth Village,

East Coast, Demerara and the heroic resistance of the villagers.

7. (a) Since its return to governmental office in October 1992 the PPP has:

(i) continued to do what it knows best, that is, to kill and terrorise people;

for example, in November 2000, Mohan called “Saba” of Bush Lot Village,

Essequibo was murdered because he and his family had quit the PPP to

join the ROAR Party.  This was typical of PPP violence.

(ii) established the Target Special Squad (the Black Clothes Police) as a

politically controlled element of the Guyana Police Force and  let it loose to

terrorise citizens and perceived opponents of the PPP regime;


(1)  The PPP created this Frankenstein Monster, as a “death

squad” which has run amok, killing over some 140 persons

extra-judicially  since October 1992.

(ii) The PPP has encouraged these unlawful killings in order to terrorise

the public and suppress open criticism of corruption, dishonesty and

bad governance.

(iii) Today, the PPP commits many of its murders and other crimes by proxy,

mainly through criminal elements of the Black Clothes Police.  Minister of

Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj, calls these killers his GLADIATORS;  Bharrat

Jagdeo deems them to be HEROES!

8.(a) The PPP has refused to appoint a Public Commission of Inquiry into these

killings.  It also ensures that Coroners’ Inquests are rarely held.  Only last week,

its spokesman, Dr. Roger Luncheon, said publicly that the regime would never

permit an Inquiry to be held.

(b)        The PPP does not want the reasons for these killings to be revealed



(c)        In the meantime, DRUG BARONS known to be protected by the PPP

have killed a number of people with impunity and terrorised entire communities

with their drive-by shootings and their turf wars.

9. Over the years, the PPP has indulged routinely in murdering people, beating

them up, burning down private and state-owned buildings.  The large number

of unsolved murders have been carried out at the PPP’s behest.  These include


MONICA REECE; DONNA MCKINNON (who was shot by a gunman hidden

in Freedom House); GAVIN SOBERS.


THIS COUNTRY!  Yet the PPP has the gall to deem as TERRORISTS,

THE trades Union Congress, the Opposition Parties, other organisations

which condemn its brutal and bloody regime.

(b)        The PPP’s long list of crimes include major acts of arson against

state property such as the burning down of the Police Outpost at Long Creek.


11.We append, for your information, a partial list of persons unlawfully killed

mainly by PPP-controlled elements of the Black Clothes Police since 1993.


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Guyanese health records subject to be exposed and used as political weapon by PPPC government

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The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by physicians and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine honestly.  The Oath reads in part

“Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves.  What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself holding such things shameful to be spoken about.

If I fulfill this path and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.


Last Friday, 17 January, Senior Registrar of GPHC’s Department of Surgery, Navin Rambarran; Director of Medical Services, Sheik Amir; and CEO Michael Khan clearly breached the Hippocratic Oath, not to mention the patient confidentiality upon which doctors and patients rely in order for patients to receive the best possible treatment for their ailments.

Not only did these Doctors acquiesce to the demands of the corrupt PPPC government Minister Bheri “the pervert” Ramsarran, to release the private patient records of Colwyn Harding, but they also lied in a most egregious way about the nature of the injuries suffered by this young man.  In addition, when contacted for comment by Kaieteur News, an official said that “we would not have said anything about his (Harding’s’) condition…Parliament is the place where all issues can be discussed openly and after then it becomes a public matter..”

This unrepentant idiotic reaction begs the question, who among us can now trust the treatment, care and confidentiality at the PPPC controlled Georgetown Public Hospital?  Every patient who has ever visited, every ailment diagnosed is potential fodder for public exposure by this corrupt regime.  Citizens of Guyana should be worried.

Consider for a moment if these corrupt government officials were themselves medically exposed.  Would a certain ‘good looking’ Minister want the records on his genital warts exposed?  How about the several Ministers including the ‘house guy’ treated for reoccurring venereal diseases?  Or the wives treated for domestic violence injuries or the records of the alcoholic Ministers who are now suffering from advanced diabetes, high blood pressure and heart ailments and who continue to imbibe and who are often rescued by bodyguards who routinely drive their nearly unconscious bodies’ home several nights of the week.  How about the security Minister?  Would he like his ailments revealed to the public?  How about those Ministerial girlfriends who receive ‘special’ medical services from select doctors at the GPH, services not often available to other women.  Many PPPC Ministers would not be able to survive the treatment they meted out to Colwyn Harding last Friday.

The PPPC government has once again sodomized the Guyanese people, leaving them exposed, violated and in pain.  This government must no longer be allowed to abuse the rights of Guyanese with impunity.  Guyanese citizens must insist that patient records be released only with the express consent of the patients.  The PPPC must not be allowed to use the Georgetown Public Hospital as a political weapon.

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Elder Eusi Kwayana speaks on the Colwyn Harding torture allegations

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Georgetown, Guyana: January 19, 2014 – 

Dear Editor,

The Harding allegations of torture by means of a baton pushed into the anus of a

prisoner is an act of sheer brutality.

Whether the Ministers concerned deny the act or not, and whether the alleged

victim has a reputation or not the testimonies on both sides seem to establish that

Harding suffered an act of brutality. Its name is for the Courts, or for competent

people to determine.

There is a responsibility on a government to bring to justice any of its officers

suspected of torture. If it does not, then the government itself deserves to be

accused of cover up, and runs the risk of being seen and to rank as an accomplice

after the fact.

Young Harding’s testimony is credible and clears the way for a fair investigation

or other legal procedure. There can be no reasonable obligation on the part of the

victim to instruct the physicians. What if he were unconscious? The victim does not

have to know what a hernia is, or how it may be caused. That omission is a useless

red herring.

The responsibility for informing the doctors of the circumstance of the injury and

the victim’s condition is that of the police. The Minister politically responsible is the

Minister of Home Affairs, unfortunately the General Secretary of the ruling party.

Harding has said that he was ashamed to tell people of his ordeal. His fears were

not groundless. He wanted to tell the Magistrate, “quietly” in a court of strangers.

He was too ashamed to do so. Is that not easy to understand? The prison guards

laughed at him and mocked him when he told them of his ordeal.

On Friday night the report came out that a fellow prisoner, Mr Phillips,

called “Muslim,” gave an eyewitness statement to Harding’s Attorney at law, Mr.

Nigel Hughes. We should regard the hernia surgery of December 13, which no

doubt took place, as intended to cast doubt. It may yet do the opposite. The point is

that it came after the incidents at Timehri lockup. To push a pencil into a prisoner’s

anus is a violation. A Baton is only evidence of the extreme brutality at work. A

government that does not make its position on torture clear beyond doubt runs the

risk of being seen as is a partner in crime.

Many may see this issue as purely political or as not concerning us. The only way to

ensure that our loved ones do not suffer similarly is to join forces to ensure that we

expel torture from the system.

Yours respectfully’

eusi Kwayana

admin @ January 19, 2014


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Georgetown, Guyana: January 17, 2014 — Coming on the heels of increased public outrage and parliamentary scrutiny over the Colwyn Harding sodomy case, the PPPC propaganda machine has shifted into high gear.  Yesterday in parliament, the Minister of Health, Bheri Ramsarran, himself an unsavory character accused of strange sexual predilections, stood up and lied to the representatives of the Guyanese people, essentially saying that Colwyn Harding was treated for incarcerated hernia and that there was ‘no evidence’ of a sodomy attack.

The lies didn’t stop there, the PPPC today trotted out Senior Registrar of GPHC’s Department of Surgery, Dr. Navin Rambarran; Director of Medical Services, Dr. Sheik Amir; and CEO of the death agency called the Georgetown Public Hospital to sing for their supper by reinforcing PPPC lies.  All Guyanese should be aware that GPH is a filthy, shameful excuse for a hospital and that it has the highest rate of maternity deaths in the Caribbean, a place where patients routinely share beds and which is known to act as agents of the state in falsifying reports, informing on patients and allegedly carrying out death sentences on behalf of the PPPC government.

To add insult to injury, Colwyn Harding was again assaulted last night [Jan 16th] in the hospital by four prison officers with weapons [identified as such] and who seemed hell bent on taking away his newly acquired cell phone.  This additionally brutality, resulted in the reopening of wounds causing bleeding and putting his recovery at risk.

Is there a Guyanese citizen alive who is willing to believe the word of these shameless PPPC criminals?  Which self-respecting  youth will make up a story about sodomy?  In fact, the converse is true and our sources inside of the GPF have shared with BrutalFacts that baton sodomy is not an aberration, in fact, it is often practiced as a way to demean combative prisoners and it is especially successful because the victims are often too ashamed to complain.

While publicity seeking personalities are stepping forward to display their great intellectual prowess by speaking of timelines and credibility in an attempt to indict young Mr Harding,  BrutalFactsGT would like to draw the public’s attention to the fact that the media has had more than 2 months to thoroughly investigate and inform the public on this issue.  A democracy requires an unbiased and energetic and determined media to protect freedoms and to ensure the safety of a nation’s citizens.

Sadly, Guyanese citizens have no protection against the out of control, brutish mob of law enforcement surrogates called the GPF, who are hired to protect and serve.  And even more alarming are the depths to which the PPPC government agents are willing to sink to cover up the actions of these errant police officers and to protect the government coffers from paying compensation to victims.

While BrutalFactsGT awaits a detailed report from Mr Harding’s legal team, citizens are encouraged to support each other, to report incidents of police brutality immediately and to treat as suspect, any words coming out of the PPPC government or its agents on this matter.  We also wish to remind the brutal PPPC regime and the Police commissioner that torture can be prosecuted in other international jurisdictions and plans are afoot to bring these atrocities to the attention of international authorities.

admin @ January 17, 2014

APNU Parliamentarian Harmon vows to “represent the interests of all Guyanese” fearlessly…

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Georgetown, Guyana: October 23, 2013 — If there are any doubts about the PSC’s contempt for the people of Guyana and the Opposition, that was cleared up yesterday when a letter from PSC Chairman and PPPC ‘yes-man’ Ronald D. Webster to Opposition Leader David Granger surfaced on social media.

Webster took the time to excoriate Parliamentarian and Attorney Joe Harmon’s earlier statement about Banks being put on notice.  Webster’s statement read in part, “The PSC writes to express its grave concern and to express its profound dissatisfaction with the statements made by Mr. Joe Harmon on October 03, 2013 regarding the potential investors of the Marriott Hotel and Atlantic Holdings Inc. “

“The PSC is particularly concerned about the statements that banks are now put on notice that the APNU considers this project as lacking economic justification, without Parliamentary approval and as presently configured not in the best interest of Guyanese” and “as such we, as representatives of the people of Guyana, would find difficulty honouring any commitment made by Atlantic Hotel Inc., NICIL, or the Government of Guyana in this regard”.

Within hours of the release of this unsurprising, self-serving, disrespectful, arrogant,  diatribe, Joe Harmon responded to say unequivocally that he was standing by his words and that he had, “ made it clear to the Private Sector Commission (PSC) in print and other Media that as a Member of Parliament my duty is to represent the interest of all Guyanese and that I will do so fearlessly. My primary concern is the development of Guyana and more importantly the sustainable human development of our country. I do believe that letters such as the one sent by the PSC to the Leader of the Opposition ought to be addressed to me and that the release of the letter to the media before I was given an opportunity to respond is clearly a public relations exercise by the PSC.”

Harmon was clear that APNU loyalties were with the people of Guyana, He also made clear that he would not be intimidated or bullied in his “vigorous defense of the resources which belong to the people of Guyana.”

BrutalFacts notes that coming on the heels of the timely words from PNC Executive Clement Corlette in his call to the YSM to mobilize, educate and engage Guyana’s Youth, the people of Guyana seem poised to benefit from what we believe to be glimpses of a more engaged, strategic and energetic Opposition confrontation with the corrupt and oppressive PPPC regime.

Do we the citizens of Guyana dare believe that we are witnessing an awakening of the Opposition?  That remains to be seen.  What we do know is that the engagement this week was encouraging, it was invigorating and it was promising.  And while it may not have been enough to awaken the masses from an apathy-induced slumber, it certainly was a good start.

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In Guyana, inmates appointed to run the asylum while opposition & media watch on in suspicious silence…

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by Staff Analyst
At times, Guyana operates like a land that time forgot.  The recent publication of  “ The Thomas  Carroll Affair” by  David Casavis took us back to  place and time although specific  to the criminal  actions of  United States foreign service officer.  The account of the criminality that reigned at that time, reveals some  ugly facts about personalities and the rule of law in Guyana. The author did not restrict himself to the deeds of the offending Foreign Service officer, he, skillfully used court records and wire transcripts to tell the story of how local actors were significant players in this criminal enterprise.

 One of the persons named (Patrick Mentore), used his office within the US embassy and that as a former senior police official to aid Thomas Carroll in this criminal enterprise which resulted in violent criminals, drug barons and  a  likely terrorist to enter into the United States. There were numerous instances where the name of Patrick Mentore appeared in the book.  However, as if his involvement in these criminal acts were not enough, there is the unexplained appointment of this named individual by the government of Guyana to head the police strategic reform commission. 

This appointment makes sense only in the context of Caligula naming his horse a consul, defying  the very foundation of logic and good governance, even if by the current distorted and convoluted Guyanese standards.  Now, the inmates are evidently being asked to run the asylum - appointed to run or reform the asylum by itself  reflecting  and demonstrating the folly that has hijacked the state in extended this realm of PPP arrogance in governance.  It is, however, dangerous and requires serious scrutiny when the lives and security of the citizenry are involved.
 Guyana is a society where the very fabric and foundation of the rule at law is constantly challenged. Increasingly, it is obvious that the current police administration and apparatus cannot meet those serious challenges, therefore, at the core, it is critical that those given the task of designing and implementing reforms, must be above reproach. The appointment of Patrick Mentore by the government of Guyana undermines that effort. Or, does the very appointment reflect and demonstrate the degree of seriousness on the part of the PPPC  administration? Taken together, it speaks to frightening dangers ahead for the society at large. In sum, the message is, we are not serious about the safety of the citizens and the application of the rule of law. Our criminal justice system then becomes an elaborate edifice for some construct that selectively applies and follows some contrived and seriously diseased notion of law and order.
  If this appointment in itself was not so odious, we are witnessing the thunderous silence of those who are charged, or, expected to be the guardians of executive excess. To date, the parliamentary opposition is yet to comment, and speak to this issue. Yet, this is the very parliamentary opposition that sits in parliament, passes motions, and highlights serious shortcomings within the security apparatus. Or, is a case that our highest law making body in our society is now reduced to that of theater? This is against backdrop of increasing instances of violent crime, female abuse and assault, explosion in the drug trade, and, unmatched levels of corruption in every facet of our society.
 As usual, some members of the established fourth estate divine unto themselves the right to decide and publish the public worthiness of the information contained in the book about the persons now charged with reforming the Guyana Police Force. Therein, is a case that something might be seriously rotten in Denmark?

admin @ June 30, 2013